A Indian Point of View

Well to talk bout India .. first thing that comes to ma mind is that India is taken over by the hands of cinema and politics.. the educated people prefer cinema and spend their time by watching and speaking about it and the uneducated is under the hands of the politics.. in a closer view India is a country which is working for the foreign ( US or UK)… this makes the thought that still we have not achieved independence.. in past we were under the slavery of the British and now we are the same with some liberty and respect from them ( can say).. the student committee after their study are misguided or in the attraction to go and join in a MNC company.. he has no clue or mind to find a way by himself to achieve his goal or to bring out his ideas.. This makes him to land over in a MNC and work for their countries growth.

I did not mean to say that we must not work for the foreign.. but the situation is that whole country is working for foreign..The reason could be the politicians take a sum of money from them and paved the way for foreign entry again. The benefit is for the people also as they get a attractive salary and hifi living but the thing is this community is living in a very high standard and the other community ( uneducated and slum) are living in a very very low standard .You may ask whats wrong in me living a good life and they didn’t study so deserve the other life,but in the view from outside country you make look like a faithful dog to the foreigner as the Indian community is in low standard and its due to MNC that you are transformed to such a standard.Also our country cant progress fast as their will be problems in budget due to these division of standard in INDIA.

Then to talk about the effect of cinema in India . The people are living for the cinema heroes .. they wait for their heroes film to get released and make poojas and banners for them .. The imaginary life ( cinema life) has taken over the real life.. people tend to copy wat their heroes do and try to do it in their life.. a part of their life is spent for discussing about which hero is best and they get clashes between groups.. it can also be viewed as the heroes themselves had created some illusion among the people so that they don’t lose their market place.

From politics point of view i can say its a daily drama of the politicians in creating hot news to the public in tv and newspapers but no news will be relating to countries growth . All sorts of unwanted problems will be big in news [examples : common entrance test for engineering course. This test has been conducted normally without any problem for the decades and nobody has complained about it. To gain popularity it has been created an issue by the politicians and the result is students have suffered due to it . similarly now the medical MBBS course period issue of converting into 6 and half years from 5 and half years have created problems among students and they are in protest against it .] i have revealed only in the students point of view as i am aware of it in more detail.

Finally i have a request for all the Indians. Before that just read below:
Suppose you have a problem with your health and you consult a doctor and after examing you he cures your disease. you feel him as great( of course he is).Now you find some health problem with your dog and again if you take the dog to that doctor he cant help to cure for the dog. The veterinary doctor only can possible give the correct medication to the dog. is it right?

In the same way we can feel great about other countries culture and habit. If we feel ourself great by copying the foreign habits its like the other way. So be yourself and proud to be an INDIAN.


2 Responses to “A Indian Point of View”

  1. Pradeep Says:

    Very nice article. Must read by every one..!!

  2. Truth Says:

    You didnt study completely India and Indian people, You will know it in your future who is real Dog.
    There are many blogs where you can speculate by yourself.
    research is appreciated, but half way done not consented.
    This is the word happening most in India
    Kill the truth, or It will kill you. I am not abuser of India, I love India. This is my comment. Thats it.

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