Lady: what is the rate of these kind of saris.
Shop: ( see the way she is asking as if she is going to buy all those ranges).All good quality saris are here mam.please choose your sari mam

Lady:Take a collection from Rs.500 to 1000.
Shop:( will you take at least one or just go away after seeing)
see this collection mam. all are exported new designs which were bought yesterday. choose your sari mam

Lady:No these saris are not bright. They are very dull . Show me a different collection
Shop:( first of all you are not bright to look,wanting a bright color saree. Its over to you)
No mam for you light color sari will suit you well ,see this mam its only Rs.650 only

Lady: Cant you adjust the rate to Rs.500?
Shop: ( Having 500 rupees and you need selection among sarees.Take some saree randomly and go first). No mam sorry our shop has fixed rate. We dont follow discounts.

Lady: ok sir thank you. keep this sari separately. Evening I will come with my husband and ask his suggestion and take it.
Shop: ( shit you dint have that 500 also or what. How about your husband will he at least have that money to come with)
ok mam no problem come in the evening.


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