Today can never make your life take away from you.
Tomorrow can surely take away all sorrows of yours.
Thousands of rain had shed to earth as cry from heaven
So the earth one day will  make the flowers to blossom.

Think we were born in the battle field,
There is no worry over the lives passed.
Think we are living in the deep forest,
There is no pain over the thorns poked.

If you start to walk in the dark or rather at night.
The shadow of yours will start to leave from you.
The fact that it makes you to understand might
Be you are your own companion till your end.

Hold your patience inside the safe boat.
Seeking one day you will reach the shore.
Set your strength as strong as the mountain.
Get ready to set victory against the volcano.

This is yours and that is my property.
The game has been set by the manhood.
He see a girl and thinks she is for mine.
The puzzles of life is still unrevealed.

The truth is nothing is for you
And nothing belongs to me either.
The god has created and he will take.

The world of sin is here.
The dead lives are where?

Just stand by corner of the world.
Picturize the happenings in the world.
All that happens here is only a drama.
So join the scene and make your act.

Your life meets a lot of faces.
So you need to change your faces.
There would be many turning points.
Do turn towards the path it takes.

Life is yours.
The end is not yours.

[ I have translated a Tamil Lyrics song from Pudupettai to English since I liked it . ]


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