Moment in Life

To realize the value of:
1 year- ask one who failed in an examination.
1 month- ask one who has not received salary.
1 week- ask one who stayed in relative home
1 day- ask one who is fasting
1 hour- ask one who is waiting for his lover.
1 min- ask one who had missed a train.
1 sec- ask one who had escaped accident.

Every moment is a treasure. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is Mystery. But Today is a gift. So we call it PRESENT.


3 Responses to “Moment in Life”

  1. slchloe Says:

    You should live every day like it’s your last. Treasure every moment that is spent with your love ones. And never forget that their are people in this world who can hear or see. Give yourself a personal goal, make someone smile everyday!

    You’re right, every moment in life is a treasure. Surprisingly, people forget that.

  2. valmack Says:

    Wow when you put it like that, it is an amazing thought process involved in establishing just how preciously time can be defined. ‘Today’ is a gift that we all tend to take for granted until it is put into perspective. Calling it the ‘present’ pretty much sums it up. Thanks for that thought for the day!

  3. sopranogrl22 Says:

    Great post — I hope a lot of readers out there can relate to it!

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