There is nothing more painful in the world when the person whom you love is crying to you for the person whom they love.


7 Responses to “Painful”

  1. icr8trends21 Says:

    Sounds like a tough situation; I’m sorry you’re going through that. However, maybe you need your space too; while she is coming to you because of him, where do you go? She probably knows what she needs to do, but everyone knows what must be done is the hardest thing to do.

  2. cathy Says:

    I understand completely. I loved someone for 7 yrs and i thought he loved methe same. Turns out he had a love that he wanted very badley, but she did not care for him as he did for her.

  3. DILIP Says:

    life is 2 make beauty with our love but the thing is i hav just spoiled my life missin my heart… but i always lover her . b sure while ur love loves u more then every one then keep her on the top of ur heart even when ur in hunt of money.

  4. sureshrec22 Says:

    Well, I can say that the Pain in me is wonderful! It awesome.
    what makes me satisfied is that, I am the one who enjoys the pain which I am unable to express.
    The Pain in me makes me rich and motivates me in Life
    I am thankful for the Pain.

  5. Sandeep Says:

    its 100% true in my life! i guess she was everything for me! ……..the pain of separation .its beyond anything

  6. Mathu Says:

    my boyfrnd left from me after he went to aboard, i think is the end of my life. anyway i wished him a sucessful life

  7. rahman Says:

    my girlfriend also left me after she went to abroad. now i am living my life by thinking her .anyhow i pray for her gud future.

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