Words don’t really mean:

Communication is the important tool (world says so) but the actual communication is not in the words we utter.


I am sure this story will make you clear.

A wise king had three daughters: kalpana, rohini and janani

As the lovely father was getting old he wanted to divide the kingdom among three. So he called her three daughters.

The first daughter Kalpana came and burst out that I love you as much as the sun and the moon in the sky. The old king was pleased beyond words and gave her one-third of kingdom.

Next came Rohini she cried I love you more than my own life. His eyes were filled with tears hearing that. So he came her one-third of kingdom.

Now came Janani but the king was shocked to hear for her. She said I love you as much I love a common salt. The words sounded like a thunderbolt in the old King’s ear. So he gave nothing to her and chased her out of palace.

So she walked away out. She soon fell in sight of a prince and both got married. One day on their way to kingdom, Nalani found her father as a beggar. She learnt that her sisters cheated her father and took over his property. She took him to her palace and served him with food without salt. His father could not eat it and asked for salt. Now princess reminded him “did you not consider salt as cheap in past. Now you can’t take food without salt”.

Hearing that tears rolled down in the old man’s wrinkled face as he thought of his third daughter nalani and now the princess also could not control her tears which made her father understand that princess was her daughter. The reality is he understood late not by her words though.


2 Responses to “Words don’t really mean:”

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