So Sweet Friend

This is about my sweet friend SWETHA. To start with I had a thought to present her something or to give a testimonial. The idea was simple. But what can I write, how can I write, whether she will like it or not was in my mind. I used to break my head and think on all issues. But Now it was more than breaking my head. Then I thought to write a new style of testimonial. The Title I gave was ” Who is SWETHA?”.

If you read the title, it sounds BITTER. But I am sure the way I have written about her will surely sound BETTER, because I thought to write in such a way that, a girl of such a wonderful character is SWETHA. And she really deserves all.

I thought to present her in the form of colorful page. I then used some tools in photo-shop here and there and made a few designs out of it.

The page was awesome to me and it came out more than what I expected. I am sure she will also like that. She is really a sweet person in the world. The World will be her Fan. If you want to know about it. Here is the page :

click here: WHO IS SWETHA??

(Click the above link.. to be her Fan.)


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