Entry to college

I have just completed my B. Tech (Biotechnology). So I was thinking about the college life I spent and recollecting my memories. I feel that the four years had gone like a four seconds. It was too quick.

I just need to say why I took biotechnology and Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

My plan was to get a bio-tech seat and I did not think about colleges. Many used to say me why bio-tech?

I like to be creative and I want to be creative. I can say my favorite hobby was thinking.

I had a lot of thinking about biotechnology after my school and it had chances to make me chose it. I can also say that lot of movies out there were portraying biotechnology including  Arnold acting in films like “The Sixth Day” and “Junior”.

My thinking was not in getting a job or career in biotechnology. I know that there is only less scope in bio-tech in India and I was not willing to go abroad for studies.  It did not have coding making computers understand you. It did not have many equations to create chemistry between two unknown chemicals. It did not have problems to solve unknown machines problems.

I had no learning job but it made me to think a lot.

About choosing the College, I had planned to join St. Peters Engineering College as it was near my home. But I missed it by just one seat during my counseling. So, I choose Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

My first day- I was actually thrilled waiting for the college bus. I waited for a long time for more than half hour. Then bus came with full rush like a government bus since it was first day lots of new students were heavily crowded. I went inside and I was standing by holding an anchor. Someone sitting gave some small place to adjust myself to sit. I was initially not willing to sit but managed to sit somehow. Then he was inquiring me what school you studied and why have you joined this college.

I was new and many where watching me what answers I am giving. So long he had been questioning me and he got tired to question. I thought it should be manners to ask some question about him back. So I just started “ what course are you from and which year are you doing?”

Unexpected, that guy replied,”Dai!! I am also first year da”. I thought he was a senior and I was showing some hesitation but from that moment we became friends and his name is ManoRanjan,  my first friend of college.

My entry to college started with a good friendship and the rest became beautiful.


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