This incident happened while I have just entered my college life. I planned to post it because recently my sister lost her mobile in t.nagar, Chennai and it brought me the memory of The Auto Chase. While you read on you can understand how mobile lost is related with Auto Chase.

Coming back here, once I entered College I demanded my father to get me a mobile so that it could be useful. So he bought me a Nokia Model 6030. It was famous at that time as it was cheap and best.

My mobile Life revolved on, as I was using it every time. When I hear the beep of mobile my finger would have already pressed the button and I could see message Box appearing “message sent”. So, as it was happening one day, I and my mother planned to go to my grandfather’s house in an Auto. His house was 7 km from my house.

I was involved with a chat with my friend in mobile while travelling in the auto. We reached the grandfathers house in time and they were inviting us. I was entering with a smile just while my hands were searching my pocket to get the mobile out. My smile was slowly missing and I was searching here and there to find whether my mobile had fallen somewhere down.

But it was not there, I acted quickly that it would have been missed in the auto. I could imagine that it had fallen out of my pocket as I could not push into my pocket while sitting in auto. I did not even enter their house and my mind was in tension to catch that auto.

But the auto had already moved and it was less than 5 minutes, so I thought I could catch it somehow. I could find my AXN cycle waiting for me to get a ride and it was best time that I can use it to its full extent. In mean time I asked my mother to ring my mobile continuously so that the ringtone can strike the auto man to stop.

I started with a mind that the auto would not have crossed its speed limit. My mind was waving that if some passengers get in and that mobile may become a gift to them for entering the auto which I travelled.

As I was riding the cycle I reached the main road but the auto can no more be traced? All sorts of vehicles we moving around in traffic and where could I find my auto and I could not guess which side it had gone.

Again I was fast enough to think that it could be returning to the auto stand where I boarded the auto. So I took a short route to the auto stand hoping that I can catch the auto. My ride made me sweat from top to bottom as my mobile became a part of my life and I had nothing to do without it. With that energy I reached the stand but I could not find that auto?

I am sure that I came even before the auto had reached. Now I am in the spot where I boarded the auto. I find few auto men there, so I enquired with them. One of them called him in phone to help me. They made me happy saying that the mobile is in auto and he will bring it shortly.

When I got my mobile back I was extremely happy and I also learned that if that mobile had been taken by some passengers, I would have blamed the auto man for the mistake I did. Also he could have easily said lies that there is no mobile here in my auto. If anything like this has happened I would not have bought new mobile and I would have hated it for carelessly using it.

Truthfulness the auto man made on that day has helped me to live a life as I wish.


2 Responses to “THE AUTO CHASE:”

  1. syamsundar Says:

    very touching post da. reminds me of my incidants where i lost my mobile phone. i make chase after the bus also, but did not find my mobile. i am hoping you have happy life with your phone. cheers da.

  2. sureshrec22 Says:

    Hi Syamsundar,
    Ya thanks a lot da for your words.
    It happens da..
    I wish you will get a better mobile than what u had.
    U will know the value of things only if its lost.
    So, in future it will make you to be careful.
    Cheers to you.

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