A leaf which falls from tree goes wherever the wind takes it. Be like the wind to drive others, but not like the leaf to be driven by others.


7 Responses to “Driving”

  1. Hellen Rose Says:


    You really are one helluva cool guy. You got brains of great philosophers. ARe you some psychology Pro or something. I really love it. I’m addicted to your words. Keep Posting dude!


  2. sureshrec22 Says:

    Hi Thanks a lot for your words.
    I am really impressed by your words.
    I love the concept and design of LIFE.
    So, I think about Life and its wonders.
    Thats it

  3. azad Says:

    Do u think its nice way to define? you should take care of some things in future posts.

  4. Sacramento Electrician Says:

    I think its perfect. But my opinion is still you need to think on your comment.

  5. Hellen Rose Says:

    Gee thanks! I really fell in love with the way you describe things. What are you doing, of late?

  6. sureshrec22 Says:

    Oh ya!! really!! Thanks a million.
    I have no words now to write!!
    I know what is life after some crucial incidents in my life. So, I started writing this blog. thats it.
    Then, about me: I am suresh. I have completed my graduation in Biotechnology. Of late I am doing a job in IT-sector.
    So, I would like to hear about you also. which country you from?? Your Name is nice. Rose!!!!

  7. Hellen Rose Says:

    Thanks! So, nice of you 🙂
    I’m doing my undergrads in Chennai, India. I’m glad that I crashed into your blog. If not, I’d have missed something in my life.
    You’re really awesome and it’s really kewl for an IT guy to say about life and its inner curves. You’re something different from most of them out there. You rock!!!

    PS: I’d like to have in touch with you 🙂

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