Life is he he…

We never get what we want

We never have what we like

We never like what we have

Life is something which is hard to understand!!!

In this world “nothing is for us” and “nothing belongs to us”.

He who created will take everything back!!

Hope you think on above sentence to understand. he he

And also only one thing actually belongs to you in this world.



what is it?



Its your Name!!


10 Responses to “Life is he he…”

  1. Padma Says:

    Hi Suresh,

    I liked all your postings here…

    have you ever failed in love ? ur blogs awsome !!!!

    its really healing my pain… Coa i am alove failure gal !!!!

    He never knew how much i loved him.. he just said Goodbye to me and has gone very far from my life…

    I was the one who sitting and crying for him.. and starving for his love !!!! he never try to understand my love at all.. :((

    its really hurting when I think of him and the time i was around him… I just shredding the tears thiming of the past…

  2. sureshrec22 Says:

    Hi padma,
    Thank you for your words on by blog. Your words are motivating me to write some good thoughts.
    Your Question: have you failed in Love??
    Well, I know what is Love and I understand that term Completely. So, Its very hard to answer your question exactly !!!!!!
    I never expect anything from others. If I like some persons I considered myself to be in fan’s position. (Not like Love)

    Hey!!! You need not actually cry for these issues, Be Happy.
    Do some activities and try focus on helping others and aim in Life. “Love is like Desires. Dont have desires”, Have AIM…
    Best of Luck!!!!!

  3. Padma Says:

    Hi Suresh…

    Thanks for ur reply…. I am reading ur blogs now everyday… i really like them..

    Thanks for your motivating words !! ur blogs itself make my day !!! thanks for it !!!!

    Mayi have your email id ? I am very much interested to know more and more abt the life and quotes written by exp persons in life… may younger than me or elder thn me…

  4. sureshrec22 Says:

    I am very Happy that you read my Blog. I am so Happy that you add me as ur friend through this Blog!! My mail id is: sureshrec22[at]yahoo[dot]com
    Thanks for your words here.
    I love the concept and design of Life! So, I write about it!!

  5. Padma Says:

    Hi Suresh..

    Thanks for your email ID. COuld you pls help me to create blog like this ? Even I want to create my blog and share it with my friends !

    Pls help me to create the blog my email id is

  6. sureshrec22 Says:

    Hi padma,
    Sure. With Pleasure.
    I have sent you an Invite to Join WordPress.
    I wanted to see you write and you will come to know how it create satisfaction.
    All the Best

  7. padmarao Says:

    Hey.. I joined… also added few blogfs..

    its all crap… i am not so imaginary like you.. i have written my feelings.. 😦 I am sure somebody will drop a comment telling stop uploading the blog…

  8. sureshrec22 Says:

    Blog is like you can add whatever you like and feel that its giving you satisfaction to you!!
    So, I am sure you will get good comments.
    I am also eagerly waiting for your posts.
    I think what you uploaded till is not craps .
    Its really nice and its from your life experience you wrote it there.. So it will always be good

  9. bindu Says:

    hey suresh!!
    its very gud idea,collecting all this thoughts..
    its very nice..
    its applicable to life to every one at one time..
    its great man..
    rock with more n more gug..thoughts..

  10. sureshrec22 Says:

    Hey Bindu,
    Ya, I love to think about Life and concepts.
    I am sure this Blog can make some difference in people who read some thoughts .
    Thanks! and you too rock.

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