Mind your Business

I hope someone or other would have said, Mind your own Business!!!!

At such cases, you really get worried, feel I tried helped him, and he just says me Mind your Business. Aren’t you?

Well, deeper in subject!!! Consider a situation where Mr.ABC, an actor/politician or some famous person arrives to some function. A lot of police or security would be arranged just to prevent the public/people creating nuisance when Mr.ABC arrives. The public out there wants to watch him arrive but their aim is not to create nuisance or so exactly.

Well, something to think!!! If all people out there do their own business and not arrive at those scenarios, (I am focusing that people have planned not to create nuisance).Got my point?

All I say is if every people mind their own Business, then Mr.ABC can no more be considered famous or someone great.

Well, I say people should/can/must mind others business as well. Minding others business and taking time to interpret on other’s affairs without their sole permissions or without they saying you, is what makes person change their life in positive or negative way. Apart, it paves the way for the creation of strong, creative, talented people for the future if it is positive.

More Clearly!!!Here in the discussion, Mr.ABC has become famous based on other’s business on him. In addition, other new generations out there fix Mr.ABC as roll model and they too wanted people to crowd around when they arrives at some functions (They wanted people to mind for their Business!!!).

So, now read the first sentence!


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