Hero of Life

Right from birth we are in the state of dependency. Its a trained mind to rely on others for our own success. We start to depend on parents and then teachers and try to look for a person to motivate us for our success.

Later stages, we may rely on a company or a guru to show us a way in the name of career. If not there would also be a “Go Blind” situation behind the actor or a public speaker. The situations even exists that, there go a search for wonderful girl since “for every successful man is behind a woman” or to marry a girl so that she can push forward or the famous statement, ” I can do anything for her” revolves around the mind.

However there is always a feeling that Something is Wrong. In other words, there is no progress however. The main reason could be that “State of mind” is still Dependant on others for our success. While this is a case, some of them try to do exactly the opposite and would wonder what needs to be done. The state of completely avoiding the help and not talking or discussing with others and taking some self decision would be the other case.

A feeling of being Self Reliant and at the same time, focusing on building a team or a network would break the “State of dependency” and pave the way for the Real Hero of Life


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