My Poetic Love

On Tuesday, it happened to be a telepathy and a Love had blossomed due to Sympathy. The Eyes of highly intelligent  guy dressed in Blue had a chance to get a vision on a Bluely dressed and a Beautiful young girl standing in the corner waiting for her friends. The Vision had created a Mission on Him.

The heart beat had a rhythmic motion. A thoughtless state with full of emotion. A feeling to speak but with speechless walk. The watch was ticking and there was a rise in heart beat when he moved towards. As an art of confusion, slowly he turned backwards thinking what would she think.

There was no one to motive  and now nobody could motivate him as the face of the silent girl would make him to face any challenge. At last he decided to break the silence. A smile came out slowly from her face and the tension on his face slowly got to cease. The watch ticking continued but  he felt a small jerk in his heart beat when she slowly walked away with her friends looking back at him wishing a signing off the day.

The Night was sleepless. The moments were filled with her thoughts.  Imagination runs here and there with no control giving a thought of what is happening between them the next day. It looks that its a realistic moment and that her smile flashes his heart to give him a smile at the dark night when the black clouds were passing over his sky.

The scenario is already set and he is waiting in a corner for her after a long search. As she approaches on the way, the same tension mounts him of how he is going to execute the imaginations of the yesterday’s sleepless thoughts.

He approached her as she had a shocking and pleasant smile to see him again.With no thoughts and in hurry of the situation he asked, Do you want your email id?

Unable to understand and in confused state of thinking what he is trying to say, she spoke out in a questioning voice ,”What?”.

Having seen her reaction , He stammered and slowly replied that, Do you want your email id. I have created a one for you in your name.

The reactions seemed to change slowly and a surprise was thrown and she asked, “what is it?” and before a “why” was shooting out, he spoke out with a casual  smile, I just created for you instead of asking from you. He found that the shocking surprise had created a happiness in her and the communication which had started  created a happiness in him.

They never thought that the evening would create a meaning in them. She started asking his date of birth and the days passed by when he started to ask about her future. His present thoughts were fully on her and her presence gave him satisfaction to the core.

The Time wanted some role to play as it was just revolving around all the time between them. It was the time when she silently expressed that the time have come to part. Hearing the untold words of understanding his heart was broken into parts. The mind still wondered if it would be a serious joke. As she walked away slowly, he followed as she was the world and he could not see the real world existing.

She even stopped to explain  but no words were heard and he was totally blank expecting a hope with no hope. He was again in sleepless nights but now with no imaginations.



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