Love Torture

When He was in love , He always thought about her for every single second. He tried to convey each and every second of his life happening to her through phone call or at- least through a message. If there was no proper message from her he felt the world is dark. His emotions could not control the situation. He keeps on messaging continuously and expected an answer immediately. He lived with a feeling of Love Torture but he liked it though.

She likes him too and felt that he is good and too friendly and cares for her. She liked talking to him and enjoyed the  stories of him which were conveyed in a serious and funny manner. She felt that he was a good friend of her and felt unhappy when her Inbox was filled with too many such  messages from him and his constant question about  whom she would marry. She was in tortured moments to answer him which she was not in a position to answer.

[You never Lose by Loving. You always Lose by Holding Back!!!]


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