A Night before Valentines Day – Love Story

It was a day of Pongal festival and I was wearing white dhoti and trying to pose for camera outside my home while my sister was taking few snaps. I felt something strange on seeing the crows flying to the next door balcony. There were a lot of crows and was imagining if the next door grandmother has prepared vada. I went to my upstairs to have a look at the reality. As I walking upstairs and the crows were flying away giving her the introduction scene, I saw her in pink chudidar with a sandal bindi and jasmine flower. She looked very trendy and modern in appearance as well. My eyes started glowing in wow factor as she turned towards me. She had a laughing smile in her face which gave me a woo factor on seeing her. I just took my hand to wave while she moved away into her home. I stood there in the hand waving position for a few seconds only to put down and turned aside to check if nobody has noticed.

The Next day as me and my area guys were standing near the tea shop having vada in hands. I felt a sensation of bunch of crows coming and attacking me to get the vada from my hands. I laughed at myself standing there while the guys were asking “what happened machi”. They were talking to themselves saying something has happened to him since I was not involved much into their pass time cinema conversations. As I stood there, she and her family crossed across to enter the temple nearby.I informed my friends that I have some work machi to move behind them.Inside the temple, I found that she was sitting in front of a big banyan tree and her family members were behind inside the temple. She noticed me walking in front of her and she waved her hands. I smiled and walked near her thinking in dilemma if she was waving hands to me or someone behind me. I turned aside to check if there was no one and waved my hands at her. So Yesterday you saw me waving my hands I asked and introduced myself.

Me: Hey,I am a guy from your next door and I saw you yesterday.Hope You have come to your grandmother home.
She : Yeah,Thats my grandmother Home and I know about you.

I was shocked and was thinking”Know about you?” May be what she know about me. Wondering looking at the Banyan tree as the leaves were falling down.

She :My grandfather was saying about you that You used to break the glass windows by playing cricket with your friends. So those are your friends right standing in the tea stall and passing running comments on the girls. He also said not to talk with you.. ha ha

I looked at her as no words were coming from my mouth. However inside there was a little cunning laugh running around that she is talking..she is talking.

Me: So your grand father said everything about me? He used to say that he have a grand daughter but never said that he would have such a beautiful grand daughter.I need to fight with him for hiding the truth with me. And also for saying not to talk with me (Showing a very sad expression in face as she was smiling at my reactions).She just smiled and was saying like hey..I added immediately, “So where are you from.”

She : My Dad works in Belgaum,Karnataka Border and we just came here to visit my grandfather for Sankranthi holidays.

Me : Have you been here in childhood and if you remember if we meet in childhood.

She turned back to check if her family were coming and she was little tensed. She added that this is the first time she is coming here and that she has seen me in the Photographs which her grandfather shared in the family events in recent years where I happened to attend.

Me : Thats nice.

She once again turned back and checked and said my family may come any time. we can talk later.

Me : Oh..ok.

I stood there few minutes and she asked what..I smiled and said I will call you in your grandfather mobile.. ha ha

After two days, I messaged her as she was moving back to her home town.
Hi (her name), I feel a different dimension in you now and You are completely different than initially what I thought about you.

She replied : What can I do..My family members were there.Should I need to continue talking with you or what?

I was little shocked to see her response and I replied
Hey, No..I was like telling initially you looked kind of a reserved girl but now I feel a different dimension of you that you are open and have a good understanding of life.

She replied Thanks and it was really nice meeting you and that she is leaving hometown. I asked if I can come for send off..She said “Onnum Veenam..Veeta Padam Parunga..Appa than friends ooda pesa mudium” (No Need..You stay in Home to watch movie to chat with your friends)

Her reply made me feel good not to watch movies and just dive into emotions simply.

I continued talking and chatting with her in Phone as days passed by and I liked her very much. She was more friendly and caring but I didn’t know if she really liked me. I felt that I need to meet her somehow or if I can visit her hometown. I thought that valentine days may be the best idea as it is nearing by and texted her

Me : What plans for this valentines day
She : I am staying in Home and would be bugging my dad and playing with him.
Me : Oh that’s nice.
She : What about your plans
Me : I usually hide on valentines day
She : As if the girls are searching for you..ha ha
Me : No..I am afraid of girls..That’s why..ha ha
She : I have an idea for you
Me : Oh, whats that idea (Expecting if she likes to say something about her)
She : You go for dating with a special person
Me: oh(removing…) special person?(removing..)
She continued typing
She : Gift her something she likes
Me (Mind voice) Who is the special person..I dont have any..:(
She : Say you really love her in a sweet and romantic way
Me : But who is the special person yar!!!
She : Your mom
Me : Oh, Sweet I can be..But romantic difficult.
She : And share with me how she really felt and How happy She was.

This valentines Day, its really nice for me to take my mom out as per her friendly suggestion and so grateful to meet a person like her made me feel happy about myself. Moreover she had lost her mom when she was young and it gave me a feeling of how valuable and precious are relationships in the our lives.


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