Relaxing the Business Way

Relaxing the Business Way

Breathing Out is Relaxing. Quit Smoking!

The way of Materials does not function as Life and Death. They are not two separate terms. Death is a very Relaxing Process within Life. “Breathing In” is Life and “Breathing Out” is Death. This is in terms of the Core Self in the Mind. In Simple Words, “Breathing In” creates the Self Buffer and “Breathing Out” dissolves the Self Buffer.

Mind is a very broad term and to explain Mind we need to look deep into the Mind. Mind consists of Manas, Intellect and Self. In other words, Manas,Intellect and Self is collectively called as Mind. Self is all the I statements you use. For Example: I am Robin and I am coming from Delhi.Intellect is the Skill Part which is the training part of the Mind. You use Intellect to learn and understand. For Example: Swimming, Cycling or Driving. Before one can swim, the Self is not aware of the certainity. Its completely unknown. Slowly the Intellect analysis and learns and informs the Self. Then the Self feels the ease out the unknown with the help of the Intellect. Manas is the empty space where the Brain sends the sense inputs, thoughts stored in memory.Self and Intellect analyse and process these information and takes decision. Self Buffer attaches itself to the thoughts which are colored and a emotional decision is made. Intellect may go mad or makes rational suggestions to Self based on the input through comparison.For Example: You have got so much of skills and still you dont shine and the other guy who does not know anything has plenty of money. The Intellect automatically suggests to Self and the Self buffer goes down where motivation is needed to push the self buffer high again. This is the cycle of Self. This is the cycle of so called your life.

Death is very relaxing because once the self dissolves manas is free with pure consciousness alone with no thoughts as thoughts are the basic root cause of distractions and confusions. The Thoughtless Mind is the Richest Mind. Not the Mind of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Richness is not measured in terms of Money. Hence the Self running after money is sheer madness. As a Utility, Money can be exchanged for sharing towards the Humanity. Its very relaxing if one has no thought of money and can utilize and make use of money towards building a better world. Better World comes here because You are beyond Self and You become the Consciousness once the Self dissolves into relaxation.

Relaxation is a sense of coolness to handle and function. Relaxation is an activity and not merely sitting idle as one believes. Conversing in a relaxed way makes everyone feel better as there is no tension. You have made a next person happy and he will turn creative out the happiness you have shared. The Project and the tasks we handle should be relaxing and one actually should feel sad once the Project is over. Many go for treats and party once the project is completed and they would be waiting for the Project to get completed, so that they can go and relax. As a Painter he draws day and night and once the beautiful painting is completed, he feels boredom with contentment because the relaxation over painting has come to an end. Now He thinks what are the other ways to relax.

The way people work to create pressure out of themselves and others is ridiculous. Then they go out for smoking to relax themselves.There is a certain knack which we need to understand the situation which we are living co depending with each other. We live for people and policies,deliverable and compliance should support for the benefit of people among us as well as around us. Every one are customers to one another. Diving into creativity and making things happy around us will result in customer satisfaction.

The Adamant Love

  • Every Time or may be Every Second, I am thinking about her.
  • Whenever I do something, it happens that my mind thinks whether she would like what I am doing now even if it no way relevant to her.
  • There is no patience, whenever I have an information I am eager to share with her.
  • Whenever I call her and she doesn’t pickup and I keep worrying all time and my mind thinks why she has not answered the call.
  • Some Days thoughts are filled that I am disturbing her and again it is out of control to call her to ask sorry if I have disturbed her.
  • There is always a Question in mind on whether she likes me or a thought that I am unable to understand her.

If any of the above scenarios  is true to a person then the person may assume that it is Love but more apt word should be Adamant.

The Adamant Nature is a devil which kills the self and others.

Examples of Adamant Nature:

  • As a child, we ask our parents to buy something and if we did not get it, we turn adamant and cry till we get what we wanted.
  • In other case, we cry to get something from our parents and continue to cry and once they give us, we might have said,”I don’t need it. Get Away from me”.

Understanding Adamant Nature:

  • By Being Adamant, we don’t listen to others and their intention of what they are trying to tell.
  • We also don’t express ourselves the real situation and just try to repeat the same answer again and again.

How to overcome Adamant Nature:

  • Being Adamant is an Attitude.
  • Easy way to change the Adamant nature is to have a “Take it easy Policy”.
  • Focus on others happiness and try to accept and respect the suggestions from them.
  • The words “Focus on others happiness” doesn’t mean you have to worry about them thinking if they are happy or not.

who is perfect

If  someone asks me whom you want to be with for your entire life.

I would simply say,” Someone who can understand that I am not Perfect”.

Road of Life:

For a man of confidence, all roads lead to success.

For a man of hard work, all success follows him on his road.


When God solves your problems you trust in his ability.
If god doesnt solve your problem understand he trusts in your ability.


Knowing others is Intelligence.
Knowing yourself is True Wisdom.
Mastering others is Strength.
Mastering yourself is True Power.


Beautiful Lines:

” Worrying doesn’t reduce yesterday sorrows, but it empties todays strength. Be Happy Forever.