Game in Love

Life Game – You and Him Fight

The Beautiful Girl would say, “Let You and Him fight and or least decide” and silently enjoys the game. Neither of them would Win and the Game ends by  She marrying a Third Person!


Girl who bring sorrows

Anybody who have fell in love and then in hell would feel that the girl had bought sorrows into them. Girls are extremely wonderful and good and the opposite when the choice of choosing is wrong.

The Following would be the type of girls who would have bought sorrows into men. The below type of girls are just the feelings in the men’s mind and it is not necessarily to be true about the girl.

Girl who bring sorrows:

1. A Girl usually avoided by others.

2.A Girl who is Unpredictable.

3.A Girl who speaks openly in public.

4.A Girl who is extremely White.

5. A Girl who is extremely Black.

6.A Girl who is a Female Friend.

7.A Girl who is already engaged.

8.A Girl who is Self-Fish.

If there is any hard feelings on any of the above girls, then the girl is not the right choice and would have bought sorrows.

What If She!?

What if She !?

I think it would be Disturbing her.  Its like I am always Disturbing my-selves.

She walks away

How to read a Girls mind would be a question. It would be torturing moments and would create a guessing situation in men.

So, How to identify that if a Girl is not interested in you?

If the girl is not interested in you, she would just try to avoid you. Most of the girls would never tell it directly. Although, the expectation would be to tell openly. It cannot be expected.

The reason may be they would feel not to hurt others. They may try to tell in such a manner which would make some understandings but the guessing works of men would make it mis-understandable. Hence, she walks away.

So a Simple answer is , If a Girl is Interested in You, She would let you know!

Is a Girl Turning Point?

Is a Girl Turning Point to your Life?

Suppose you see a Beautiful girl and you turn and walk behind her and your Life gets Turned.

So, Is a Girl Turning Point to your Life?

Bus and Girl Friend

There is no Use in running after a Bus and a Girl.


Because a Vacant  is always behind shortly.

The Real Arguments

Girl: Do you love me?

Boy Friend: Yes, really!!

Girl: Would you cry if I die?

Boy Friend: Yes, sure!!

Girl: No I wont accept this!!

Boy Friend: Why?

Girl: Then Show me how much you cry?

Boy Friend: If and Only you die I can show.

Girl: She leaves. No arguments then!