Mind is not our Choice?

 Mind is not in our hands or Our Mind is not our Choice.  How is that Mind is not our choice?

Scenario One: JoAnn and her Birthday Gift.

Day One:

JoAnn wanted to buy a gift for her friend’s birthday. She had 100 bucks and she found a wonderful watch and when she was about to purchase it, someone gently requests her that they wanted the watch and JoAnn felt sorry for them and let them buy it.

Day Two:

JoAnn went to a different shopping center and she was surprised to  find the same watch again but now she came to know that someone has already ordered it and now she approaches the concerned person to ask gently that she was in need of the watch but she were not successful in getting it.

Mind Analysis:I helped a person on Day One and in Day Two when the same thing happened to me, no one helped me.         Attitude:She now develop a Attitude that not to help others.

Day Three:

A Friend of JoAnn asked her to lend 100 bucks for a medical emergency. She just replied,” I don’t have any money now”. JoAnn went to a shop to buy some watch which was available for 100 bucks as it was getting delayed. She also felt sad about the lie she said to her friend

Day Four:

When the watch had been gifted to her friend , her friend replied that, I have so many watches and it could have been better if I had got something else. JoAnn felt sorry that she had taken three days to present a gift and that she was not appreciated. She also had a thought that,”I could have helped a friend who had an emergency.”

Mind Analysis: I did not help the Person in Day Three and gave a present to a person on Day Four and I was not appreciated. Attitude:Its better to help a person who is in need rather than who doesn’t ask for help.                                                    

All the Attitudes a person have turns into his character.How is that Attitude turns into a Character?

Scenario Two:  Dong  Lee Mind and his Attitude

Dong Lee Attitude: Smoking is injurious to health and I came to know that many smokers died of cancer.

Dong Lee goes to a party where everyone in the party smokes, some compels him to smoke but he was so strong that he did not accept their request. Everyone in  the party came to an conclusion about Dong that Dong never smokes(Dong Character).

When someone someday finds Dong Lee smoking, they would question him, I thought you would never smoke?

Dong would reply that I started this habit recently since I thought smoking one or two cigars per week is not so injurious( Changed Attitude).

A Attitude of a person varies from Time to Time and the character of a person is what seen by others.


  • I never thought you would do like this.
  • I did not expect this from you.
  • I believed you but you cheated me.

We assume a Character on a person and would  view the person as the character and if the attitude change, the character change.

If Attitude of a Person can Change, why is that I am not able to change my habit?

We just need to understand that “Our Mind is not our Choice” or in other words, “Our Mind is not in Our Hands.

Why is that Mind is not our Choice and How to make it as Our Choice?

The Brain is an Organ which receives constant inputs from sense organs in the body and stores the information and the Output of the information can be called as a thought.

A series of thoughts can be called as Mind.

Example: I forgot where I kept my pen?

Upon Analyzing the information stored in the brain like where you went, whom you met and if you had given to someone, these thoughts can be put together as Mind.

The Information you receive will change day by day and the hence chances are that your mind changes and so does your attitude and character changes.

Now, The Real problem is if we want to really change something it seems to be very difficult.


  • I want to reduce my weight. Even though I have read a lot of information about being slim; I am unable to become slim.
  • I want to quit my bad habits such as smoking, but I am unable to do so; may be I think I got addicted.

So How to change an Habit or to become a better person?

We need to know about the Three Kinds of Mind to understand how we can change or how we can use our mind to become a better person.

  1. Conscious Mind – Thoughts
  2.  Sub-Conscious Mind – Habits (Character- Attitude)
  3. Unconscious Mind – Sleep

In Simple Words, Sub-Conscious Mind is the one which controls Habits. It will make you to remember even if you forget it.


Brushing the Teeth is an Habitual Action we do daily which is controlled by Sub-Conscious.

But in Day One, You would not have remembered that we need to brush our teeth and our mother would have reminded us to do so.

Thus it takes nearly a month for a subconscious mind to remind us an activity to do daily.

In Short we Just need to follow the action for 5 days. The Next Two days(Saturday and Sunday) again mother has to wake us up and then ask to brush our teeth.

To Change an Habit and to change ourselves, We just need to do the activity for 5 days.

Buy a Rich Mind

[This article is about buying a rich mind to earn Money]

I have seen a lot of scenario in India where people suffer without money. Many people I have seen where they don’t even get one meal per day. These people don’t have money even to meet their daily need. Looking at the other side, I see people moving around Hi-Tech Plazas and buy things, which are too costly. By seeing those two sets of people, I hated the money from then. In addition, I hated to go any such costly place because of the fact that many people out there are still not able to get basic need and why should I enjoy rich, which is not necessary.

-The above lines describe my mind set.

Is my mind negative? Though it appears to me that I am thinking positive and I care for the Nation and the people, I made a negative thinking by hating money.

As of now, I have just completed my studies and yet to go for work to earn. My thinking was not on earning money to become richest or to use the money I earn to get things I want, but I had a focus to be the best in my career and to be successful in whatever I dreamed.

-The above lines describe my mind set.

Is my mind negative? Though it appears to me that I am thinking positive and I have goals in my Life to accomplish something, I made a negative thinking by hating money.

Why hate money?

I have heard many saying; Money is the root cause of all evils. I have seen many people lost their lives by losing money through share market’s or business. I have seen many people greedy on moneymaking and do anything for making money. I have seen many people depositing money in banks for their future generations not considering the poor present generation. I have seen people hiding black money and not using it for any purpose. I have seen robbers and thief’s who wanted to get money out of nothing in return. A lot more, I have seen!

– The above lines describe my mind set.

Is my mind negative? Though it appears to me that I am thinking positive by feeling how money is used badly, I again made a negative thinking by hating money.

Money is for sharing:

People fail to understand money of what is it and they hate it. Even for me it took years to understand the real meaning of money.

If your friend gives you a gift on your birthday, you would make some kindness by giving him a gift on his birthday. In simple way, you share something with your friend on his return.

In addition, in olden days people exchanged vegetables and fruits between two houses as of return. As time passes, it became difficult to exchange things. People need not carry all their things to get some things exchange in markets. So, money is best to carry and to exchange your sharing.

My positive Mind-Set:

I have got a positive mind-set with money. I knew money is a non-living thing and it is used as a symbol of sharing. I know how to best use it. I know I will not misuse it. I know I can share and make progress with money. I know money in my hands will make the country well. I know I won’t use money for unnecessary purposes.

Therefore, I got my mind set right. I won’t hate money from now on.

Why love money?

I love money and I don’t want it to get into hands of people who misuse it and spend it in unnecessary ways.

All evil is due to the misuse of the mind’s power. A country’s status or an employee status is based on the money it have. I love to get into a good status to use money for good purpose.

I started to love money. What next? To earn money.

How to earn money?

If this is your question. Then the answer is not with me, it’s in your mind set. All you have to do is to love money.

I am not suggesting you to steel money or get money in what ever means you can get. A money which comes by ill manners will not give you Life satisfaction.

Buy a rich mind to earn money. I am sure if your mind set is positive, you can play with money and make in good progress in economy.

Thanks for Reading.


After failing twice Edmung Hillary challenged Mt.Everest saying ” I will come agfain and conquer you because as a mountain you cant grow but as a Human I can”


When your commitement is deeper than the sea and your ambition taller than a mountain . Your future will be brighter than the Sun.

Walking with Attitude

Either walk as you rule the world. or Walk as if you never mind who rules the world

Tats attitude