Avatar for the Trees

Avatar for the Trees – A Talk by Trees in Tropical Forest

Disclaimer : This is an imaginary Post. If the world is Real; this post would also be Real.

Location : A Tropical Rain Forest

Papaya  : People fear me since the papaya fruit will likely cause abortion and the pregnant woman usually avoid eating the fruit and even the doctors don’t advice anyone to eat papaya even though I have lot of benefits.

Coconut  : My friends in city used to say that coconut is widely used by people and I am getting costly each day. People are spending Rs.30 to Rs.50 to drink a coconut water. Also, a lot of companies have come up with brands stating 100% Pure Unflavored drink.

Avocado  : Wow, I would say, “Coconut Tree, You are great! ” Many don’t know me and many would have not even heard my name. Even though my avocado fruit has properties to reduce cholesterol, I could see cholesterol is still a major problem with people as they have started eating all kind of junk foods.

Sugarcane : I have one objection with you, avocado. Are you sure that people are eating food(I mean Junk Food). I believe they are eating products which are packed, sealed. They just take out the product and eat. Sometimes, they may have to heat the product.

Date : Yes, its true. People are eating Products. I knew this because, I was once exchanged with old iron craps but now some companies have recognized my true worth and have created brands in me.

Papaya : Does it mean that People wont appreciate the true worth and they likely go behind products. Now, few companies have started to recognize the anti-aging properties papaya has and are creating fairness creams, soaps and the sales are also increasing day by day.

Sugarcane : Yes, its true that people wont appreciate the true worth until one day they lose it. People needs everything today including entertainment and instant gratification and they don’t care about the future.

Coconut : what do you mean by they don’t care about future? Are they not developing day by day in Science, Technology and Everything?  A lot of deadly disease has been cured and they are sending spaceships to mars to identify if water is present there. To say in short, they have even invented robots to climb and pluck coconuts.

Touch Me Not Plant : Can, I join you guys if you don’t mind. People are developing day by day but they are cutting down the trees. Don’t you know that? We are the ones who provide them oxygen to breathe and they are destroying us to build houses and companies to live. what they fail to understand is that they need oxygen to live.

Avocado: I believe this is not an issue with people. Its an issue with media. They need to recognize and appreciate the wonders. I am not saying that I need recognition as I am less recognized. Almost the world have watched a film called Avatar, why its because of media.

Sugarcane : People watch Avatar and no one really cared to take some action even though the movie was about trees. How many planted a tree after watching the movie? I don’t think media can help in shaping the future of the world.

Date : Yes, its true. Media cares only about sensation and people care only if something is interesting or entertaining. People think they have lot of worries and they don’t bother about anything. Even they watch only Entertainment movies.

Papaya : Lets come to the point. So, what steps we can take in order to protect ourselves. Can we start a union just like people do to safeguard their rights? We have to teach a lesson to them so that they can understand what will happen if we stop breathing.

Touch Me Not Plant : The best idea to teach a lesson to them is by creating a avatar.

Coconut : Wait.. Wait.. what are to trying to say.

Touch Me Not Plant : Wait. Let me explain. We need to create an Avatar who seem like a human and we have to enter the city and create chaos. Slowly, we will penetrate the city.

Coconut : If they don’t understand, we shall wipe them out just like what the villains did in Avatar? Am I right? So, who is the Avatar.

All : Its the Money Plant!


Astrology Explained

Astrology Explained

“I believe in Astrology. Also, I wont accept Astrology”- This is my statement about Astrology.

Why I believe in Astrology, I believe that Astrology is an more of Art than Science. Well, more clear. We get sickness due to climate change. (The Nature has influence in you). Also, lots I can add to this relationship between People and Nature. People in hot regions are black and winter regions are white. The Nature has every impact in humans. This is the basics of Astrology.

The art of Astrology is prediction. For eg: I close my eyes. A person comes to me and says I am from a hotter country and I predict his appearence to be Black. Note that he can be white but I have a good logic for him to be black. Again, more closer in addition ask him is your father a origin of that country and he says No . My father is from a winter country. I change my prediction and say him White.

The point here is “We can exactly predict when we get the every drop of information of the person” but ultimately every drop of the information is difficult to get. So, with the relevant information the predictions are done!!!

Why I wont accept Astrology, Suppose consider an example. If astrologer predicts me that this year winter climate will start two weeks before time of event and you will get sick. Assume that I was not aware of his prediction. Consider a case that I traveled across to some country during the event and I was not sick. Also consider another case that I fell sick before winter and I was under medical guidance so I recovered during the winter schedule. The Ultimate astrology is Winter will sure start two weeks before. Whether I am influenced by it is not fixed. You can always change or prevent your happenings with your knowledge. In short you can disprove astrology predictions also.

See an Funny Example below:

A frog asked a astrologer, Please tell my future’

Astronomer: A young girl will touch you”

Frog: Wow, great when and where???

Astronomer: Next year in Biology Lab!!!!

Explanation: here! Most of you assumed that the frog will die next year. Not so, read the sentence again. It is said a girl will touch you.(not kill). Now suppose if the frog gets into hands of the girl, the knowledge of the frog about this can sure make it to escape once the girl touches the frog.