Palmistry is a Mystery

I am not interested in Palmistry and I did not ask anyone to check my palms.

One Day, I was traveling in a bus and a guy came and sat to me and checked my palms and said something that this is what will happen to you and just like that left in the next stop. I was wondering who is he and why on earth he is telling me things which I did not ask.

But, I don’t want that thing to happen and I was very hard in trying and forcing myself that such a thing should not happen and I wanted to prove that he was wrong!! By my acts, I was going into a state of madness and I would be happy if some events were favorable and sad when the events turn unfavorable.

Unfortunately, However hard I tried I was not able to create the Event against his words and what he said might happen to me.  Since the future is unpredictable, whatever can happen and I need to focus on my goals!!


The Courage

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.

– John Quincy Adams

How to Live Longer

There is a relation between Breathe and Longivity.

For Example:

Dog breathe 72 Times per minute – Can Live 12 Years

Horse breathe 30 Times per minute – Can Live 25 to 30 Years

Elephant breathe 14-18 Times per minute – Can Live 100 Years

If Man breathe 13-15 Times per minute – Can Live 160 Years


Our Body is just like a machine. It needs to perform at a steady phase and hence it can live longer period.


A True Friend never get in your way unless you happen to be going Down!

The Preception is that someone who has helped you during your Down Times are often considered as True Friends.

The Idea is that You have received some emotion such as motivational energy or affection or love.

Once you are back in action, the mentality is developed to still need the person to give you the emotion to continue the journey.

And if you dont receive it, then you would be prone to go back to the Down State.

The Worst case is you might try to take over from them even they dont intent to give and results in break up.



As long as Give and Receive are in Harmony there is no Take Over

Rich Man- Poor Man

Rich Man : I have 4 Green Houses and 1 Red Hotel and I also have infinite returns to my bank account from my assets. What do you have?

Poor Man: I have only one son. His Girl friend is your daughter.


Scar in Life

The Facial Scar was disturbing a lot. It was a feeling that the confidence was lost and what to do in Life. A thought raised such that Only if the scar fades away, I could live a Life and the confidence would come back.

I went to the Doctor and his words further disturbed me, He said,” You cannot attend any interviews”. When I went out to my Home I was disturbed the most when anyone passing in the road came and asked me,”what is that in your face and How it happened”. In my college, my class mates felt sorry for me and it created a deep sadness within me.

Every Night I had tears in my eyes and every morning I was terrified to look myself in the mirror. I dont want to look myself sad all the time. I knew my face was looking ugly and the Outside scar had created me a deep scar within my Life.

I started to cover my face with a piece of scarf to cover the scar. I started to notice other people and found that they were not noticing me. I walked straight to my seat in college and removed the scarf slowly in the class so that nobody noticed me.

As days passed by I started a relationship with a girl and found that my confidence level had started to increase in exponential manner. Whenever I talked with her I was not wearing the scarf and I always thought she would ask me about the scar in the face. Sometimes I thought why such a beautiful girl is talking to me who is so ugly.

It was the time I started not to wear the scarf anymore and I walked all the way with confidence. My class members were stunned to see the girl talking to me. They asked me, “You are not looking good now and How is that she is talking to me?”  I really doesn’t know the answer to their question but I found that my answers to confidence came from her.


How to Live Happily

1. Entrepreneur Method

The Theme is

I Wanted?

I Wanted?

I Wanted?

Tools Used: Writing Goals, Taking Action, Dream Big, Think Big.

Their Method of Happiness is to achieve something what we dreamed about or what we wanted.

2. Spiritualist Method:

The Theme is

I wont

I wont

I wont

Tools Used: Yoga,Mediatation,Pranayama.

Their Method of Happiness is Dont Seek Happiness Outside through External Factors such as “I will get Happy only if I get that or achieve that.” Once You have achieved what you wanted by external factors you still have something more that you feel wanted!

We need to seek Happiness Inside Us by Understanding the “real us” through Yoga and other tools.

The Word “I” is not real since it has all the characters developed in the society.

The “Real I” of Whom we are can be seeked through tools which may give us the real happiness.

Love Torture

When He was in love , He always thought about her for every single second. He tried to convey each and every second of his life happening to her through phone call or at- least through a message. If there was no proper message from her he felt the world is dark. His emotions could not control the situation. He keeps on messaging continuously and expected an answer immediately. He lived with a feeling of Love Torture but he liked it though.

She likes him too and felt that he is good and too friendly and cares for her. She liked talking to him and enjoyed the  stories of him which were conveyed in a serious and funny manner. She felt that he was a good friend of her and felt unhappy when her Inbox was filled with too many such  messages from him and his constant question about  whom she would marry. She was in tortured moments to answer him which she was not in a position to answer.

[You never Lose by Loving. You always Lose by Holding Back!!!]

Dusty Affection

She crossed the road to meet him where he was standing on the other side of the road.

Her right side eye was filled with tears. He blew  her eyes and helped her remove the dust.

She said its fine but he was so much worried and could not control his emotions.

She said to him that’s its a small thing!!!

[Small things make Affection but Affection is not a Small thing.]

Friend Examining

Two friends just finished their last exam and went to refresh themselves with a cool drink.

1st- Dude which paper was it?

2nd- May be Maths

[1st got heated up hearing the words and cool drink turned Hot]

1st- So you have written the paper well?

2nd- No yar! The girl next to me was using a Calculator.

The Dog’s Bark

You will never reach your Destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

The Dog’s will Bark!!!

Santhosh-Local Buddy

Santhosh is a Local Buddy and he often gets kicks from his young cousin-Moni.The Theme is mixed with Tamil Actor -Rajani to create Santhosh a Heroic Image.After all, the Little Ones too needs the Next Rajani Image.


3 High Speed Communication Methods:

1. Telephone

2. Television


My Poetic Love

On Tuesday, it happened to be a telepathy and a Love had blossomed due to Sympathy. The Eyes of highly intelligent  guy dressed in Blue had a chance to get a vision on a Bluely dressed and a Beautiful young girl standing in the corner waiting for her friends. The Vision had created a Mission on Him.

The heart beat had a rhythmic motion. A thoughtless state with full of emotion. A feeling to speak but with speechless walk. The watch was ticking and there was a rise in heart beat when he moved towards. As an art of confusion, slowly he turned backwards thinking what would she think.

There was no one to motive  and now nobody could motivate him as the face of the silent girl would make him to face any challenge. At last he decided to break the silence. A smile came out slowly from her face and the tension on his face slowly got to cease. The watch ticking continued but  he felt a small jerk in his heart beat when she slowly walked away with her friends looking back at him wishing a signing off the day.

The Night was sleepless. The moments were filled with her thoughts.  Imagination runs here and there with no control giving a thought of what is happening between them the next day. It looks that its a realistic moment and that her smile flashes his heart to give him a smile at the dark night when the black clouds were passing over his sky.

The scenario is already set and he is waiting in a corner for her after a long search. As she approaches on the way, the same tension mounts him of how he is going to execute the imaginations of the yesterday’s sleepless thoughts.

He approached her as she had a shocking and pleasant smile to see him again.With no thoughts and in hurry of the situation he asked, Do you want your email id?

Unable to understand and in confused state of thinking what he is trying to say, she spoke out in a questioning voice ,”What?”.

Having seen her reaction , He stammered and slowly replied that, Do you want your email id. I have created a one for you in your name.

The reactions seemed to change slowly and a surprise was thrown and she asked, “what is it?” and before a “why” was shooting out, he spoke out with a casual  smile, I just created for you instead of asking from you. He found that the shocking surprise had created a happiness in her and the communication which had started  created a happiness in him.

They never thought that the evening would create a meaning in them. She started asking his date of birth and the days passed by when he started to ask about her future. His present thoughts were fully on her and her presence gave him satisfaction to the core.

The Time wanted some role to play as it was just revolving around all the time between them. It was the time when she silently expressed that the time have come to part. Hearing the untold words of understanding his heart was broken into parts. The mind still wondered if it would be a serious joke. As she walked away slowly, he followed as she was the world and he could not see the real world existing.

She even stopped to explain  but no words were heard and he was totally blank expecting a hope with no hope. He was again in sleepless nights but now with no imaginations.


statistics explained

Statistics is like a bikini. What you reveal is suggestive and what you conceal is vital

Joke laugh please

What happens when a Lion roars?

Tom and Jerry cartoon Starts


A cute and innocent joke:

As the thief was leaving the house, the child woke up and said to the thief: Take my school bag also or else I will wake up my mom!!!!!

Tasty Mokka

A boy throws a bottle of Bournvita out of the window. A cat sees it and takes the bottle of bournvita and buries it under the ground. Why?

Because, CatBuries Bournvita

Tech Joke

The Russians dug 1000 ft in the ground and found copper wire; they declared Russia had electricity 1000 years back.
US dug and found optical fiber and declared US had telephone 2000 years back.
A sardar in India found nothing. Then said oye we had wireless technology 5000 years back.

Dreamy Joke

Yesterday in my dream you were counting lot of money. But I can’t understand why you are sitting in front of temple.