Ancient Indian Science of Prana

What is Prana?

We have heard about Yoga and Pranayama. Prana is a Sanskrit word and the translation in English is still not apt or possible in a single word or a bunch of statements. Prana is mostly translated in English as ‘Life Force’ and many also refer Oxygen as Prana.

I am not a Sanskrit scholar to give translation. However, by reading different texts, I tried to grasp what the ancients mean by Prana. Prana means Energy and my Explanation for the same is as below:

Light is a source of Energy as we say. But Light contains Photon which are particle in nature. Science also says that Photon contains quantum of Energy. By this, Photon carries Energy is the understanding.

In a similar sense, Oxygen is a matter(gas) but it in-turn will carry Energy(assume). The Matter is of Four State as identified(solid,liquid,gas,plasma) and these are all the manifestations of Energy and in-turn will carry Energy as well. A Photon is a manifestation of Energy and it in turn will carry Energy.

We intake air,Water and Food. We also have Vision, Sound, Taste and Smell has Inputs. The Energy from Air, Water and Food will be referred to as Prana.  In other sense, If we breathe Pure air, we intake more Prana and if the air is impure and polluted, the prana will be less. Same with  contaminated and polluted water and food. In that sense, Vegetarian Food will have more Prana than non-vegetarian food.

Air(Oxygen),Water and Food are important for our survival. Lets see How it works,

We drink Water(Prana) and it forms the blood and We eat food(Prana) which gets mixed in the blood and We breathe Oxygen(Prana) which burns the Food and supplies Energy as well as revitalizes the Body. There is a Channel for the Prana Flow in the Body. These Channels are called as Nadis.

What are Nadis?
Nadis are the nostrils, esophagus and Blood vessels. These are the channels in which the prana(Energy) flows.
There are two nostrils called as Ida and Pingala and the connecting point of the two nadis is called sushumna. If there are any blocks in the nostrils, the flow of Energy may get hindered and hence techniques like Pranayamana are of help.
Just like sushumna is a connecting Point for two nostrils, there are in total 72,000 connecting points in the blood vessels as well which are called as Chakras.

What are Chakras?
Chakras are the junction points for the Energy flow. If we connect two pipes for the flow of water and in case there is a block or hold in the junction, the flow or speed of water might get reduced. In a similar way, if there is any blockage in the blood vessel connecting points, the flow of prana could get affected. Pranayamana technique will be effective in the nostril and esophagus and it cannot be as effective in the blood vessels. Precaution is needed to maintain the blood(which carries prana) and this can be done by taking hygienic food which doesn’t contain any cholesterol and other junk. A fresh green vegetable has more prana than the dead meat. A fruit has more prana than the cooked food. A Fruit Juice has more prana than tea or coffee.

Seven Chakras and its Significance:
Of the 72,000 connecting points in the nadis(blood vessels) the Seven are the main Chakras. This number as such 72,000 may be associated with the heart beat(72 times) and the pulse rate(about 72 times). These are the termed as Main chakras as they are in line with the nervous system of the spinal cord. Hence whatever you think(mind), you will likely to spend the energy on that thought. For example, if you think about eating ice cream, you will use your energy thinking about icecream and focus on them to start an action with or without conscious. You may satisfy the thought by buying an ice cream and even if you don’t buy it now, you would have this thought pending which can affect your other routine works and in spending enough energy on them or concentrating.

The Seven Chakras will correspond to the endocrine glands in the human body and if there is any thought in the mind, the brain will command the endocrine glands to produce hormones. If the Mind is in fear, the brain would command the adrenal glands to secrete androgen and you would likely to spend your energy on fear and survival. This is True because when there is someone coming to kill you with a knife and we are hiding under a bed, we feel a sudden rise in Energy level in the body and there will be heavy breathe to supply more prana for the exhausting energy.


Astrology is Perception

I am not a believer of astrology. But, Astrology has played a fatal role in my life and had brought sorrows to me.

It all started when I found some astrology books in my grandfather’s house. It was very fun for me to ask for other people’s date of birth and to check their character and yes most people agreed with some points what I said. The important aspect I do is I will read their characters personally and if I found a match in the book, I will tell only those points and not other points which I don’t understand.

So, by this I checked the traits of my close friends and used to tell them and they would throw me surprises and tell me how you are telling me exactly. But, I never knew it could create so much sorrow in my life.

I checked for one of my friend and said about the traits and yes there was surprise and agreed to be true. But the future part written on the person was not good in my perception of them. I firmly believed that a disaster is going to happen and I was going mad such that I should anyhow save from disaster. I had taken that as a motto of my life.

I was not a believer of god but I was going into external locus of control and some events occurred which was out of my control and thought that some external power is there. However, I never prayed for me but I was praying for that person and was crying day and night that I need to somehow stop the disaster. This was also because of the factor that the person said only god can save me and some events were occurring which gave me signals that a disaster is going to happen.

I started thinking day and night about the person and I failed to mind my own business. I did not show interest in anything and I was always found to be dull. I stopped enjoying and I thought I should not enjoy.

The disaster did not happen and my perception was wrong. I also believe that in some way, I was helpful in stopping the disaster again which I don’t know if it right or wrong. This is again my perception and I know that I somehow need to avoid it.



The Adamant Love

  • Every Time or may be Every Second, I am thinking about her.
  • Whenever I do something, it happens that my mind thinks whether she would like what I am doing now even if it no way relevant to her.
  • There is no patience, whenever I have an information I am eager to share with her.
  • Whenever I call her and she doesn’t pickup and I keep worrying all time and my mind thinks why she has not answered the call.
  • Some Days thoughts are filled that I am disturbing her and again it is out of control to call her to ask sorry if I have disturbed her.
  • There is always a Question in mind on whether she likes me or a thought that I am unable to understand her.

If any of the above scenarios  is true to a person then the person may assume that it is Love but more apt word should be Adamant.

The Adamant Nature is a devil which kills the self and others.

Examples of Adamant Nature:

  • As a child, we ask our parents to buy something and if we did not get it, we turn adamant and cry till we get what we wanted.
  • In other case, we cry to get something from our parents and continue to cry and once they give us, we might have said,”I don’t need it. Get Away from me”.

Understanding Adamant Nature:

  • By Being Adamant, we don’t listen to others and their intention of what they are trying to tell.
  • We also don’t express ourselves the real situation and just try to repeat the same answer again and again.

How to overcome Adamant Nature:

  • Being Adamant is an Attitude.
  • Easy way to change the Adamant nature is to have a “Take it easy Policy”.
  • Focus on others happiness and try to accept and respect the suggestions from them.
  • The words “Focus on others happiness” doesn’t mean you have to worry about them thinking if they are happy or not.

Dream became Dream

I had a Target!! I had an Aim . But I could not achieve it and I know I can never Achieve It. My Dream became my Dream!! Life is taking me in its way and now I am just observing it. One Day I am sure I will beat it.

Life has more Power but Observation is Powerful and not merely just seeing without acting.

Now the Time is 2:11 AM sharp and I just had this thought thinking about a failure I had in my Life which makes me sleepless.

Love workouts

He thinks about her. He still thinks about her. He always thinks about her.

She just thinks about him. She just start to think about him. She thinks whether its correct since she thinks about him.

When they both think of each other. The Love starts to Workout!!

It also implies that they both have no other Work to Do!!

[Scenerio-Usually workouts in College. If it happens at Work Place,then the Company Owner should “Think “about it!]

Death Love

He loved her so much. It was like every moment he thought about her. Unfortunately she died, he could not control his tears.

He kept on crying day and night. His friends consoled him but he was not able to hear anyone and he could only think about her and it filled his eyes with tears. Day and Night he was thinking about her and one night, he had a dream and he could not differentiate whether its dream or real.

He saw her with so many girls and they all had candle in their hands. The visual gave him some happiness but soon he became unhappy when he noticed everyone was bright and their candle was lightened. He saw her so sad and her candle was never lightened.

He felt like he was asking her, why your candle is not lightened and that why are you looking so sad?

She said whenever I enlighten my candle your tears fall on it. So Please stop crying and I wanted you to be happy.

A Guy’s Unluck

She Had called him to the Street Corner to have their last meet and to breakup.

He was so sad and tried his best to explain her. She never accepted and finally he had to go for the breakup meet.

His eyes had some few tears trying not to peep out. She had bought him a chocolate as a token of relationship they had. He felt happy for her and was about to take the chocolate and to sign off.

The Climax-

He was not so Lucky. The Girls father saw him getting a chocolate from her and he was caught red handed and now they both are married.

Successful Lips

Successful People always have Two Things in their Lips!!!!

They are

1. First is Smile

2. Second is Silence.

Sorrow Earned

Half of the sorrow we earn are by Expecting Good Things from Wrong People.


Half of the sorrow we earn are by Expecting Wrong Things from Right People.

Kid Love Story

UKG Kiddy – Whenever she kept her foot, I kissed those places.

LKG Kiddy – Wow!! What happened next?

UKG Kiddy – (with smile) She went and said to my mom that I am eating mud.

Problem Solved

There is a great difference between Worry and Concern. A worried person sees a Problem and a Concerned person solves a Problem

Keep ur Mouth Shut

One day a Politician went out of catching fish along with his wife.

His wife caught a fish for which he commented

“Even a fish would stay out of trouble if it had kept its mouth shut”.

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Which is Spicy

If more than one mouse is mice, then definitely more than One Spouse is SPICE

Overcome Sadness

It was going all fine but why did it happen and how it happened would be a deep emotional thought during the times of sadness.

There would be no motivation, a philosophical state of thinking craving the mind and with no smile or desire would be the condition. The reason for sorrow could be anything but the end result would be sadness.

Telling it in a different point of view, the sub-conscious mind has lost its energy. It would be a condition which also reveal all about yourself and your character  as the sub-conscious mind is in deep state of thinking.

The art of overcoming sadness  in simple is to do something or the other in short. Doing the things which are liked and interesting.Writing simple goals and accomplishing it one by one.

The Deep sorrow may take months or years to overcome but sure Life is Experience.

My Poetic Love

On Tuesday, it happened to be a telepathy and a Love had blossomed due to Sympathy. The Eyes of highly intelligent  guy dressed in Blue had a chance to get a vision on a Bluely dressed and a Beautiful young girl standing in the corner waiting for her friends. The Vision had created a Mission on Him.

The heart beat had a rhythmic motion. A thoughtless state with full of emotion. A feeling to speak but with speechless walk. The watch was ticking and there was a rise in heart beat when he moved towards. As an art of confusion, slowly he turned backwards thinking what would she think.

There was no one to motive  and now nobody could motivate him as the face of the silent girl would make him to face any challenge. At last he decided to break the silence. A smile came out slowly from her face and the tension on his face slowly got to cease. The watch ticking continued but  he felt a small jerk in his heart beat when she slowly walked away with her friends looking back at him wishing a signing off the day.

The Night was sleepless. The moments were filled with her thoughts.  Imagination runs here and there with no control giving a thought of what is happening between them the next day. It looks that its a realistic moment and that her smile flashes his heart to give him a smile at the dark night when the black clouds were passing over his sky.

The scenario is already set and he is waiting in a corner for her after a long search. As she approaches on the way, the same tension mounts him of how he is going to execute the imaginations of the yesterday’s sleepless thoughts.

He approached her as she had a shocking and pleasant smile to see him again.With no thoughts and in hurry of the situation he asked, Do you want your email id?

Unable to understand and in confused state of thinking what he is trying to say, she spoke out in a questioning voice ,”What?”.

Having seen her reaction , He stammered and slowly replied that, Do you want your email id. I have created a one for you in your name.

The reactions seemed to change slowly and a surprise was thrown and she asked, “what is it?” and before a “why” was shooting out, he spoke out with a casual  smile, I just created for you instead of asking from you. He found that the shocking surprise had created a happiness in her and the communication which had started  created a happiness in him.

They never thought that the evening would create a meaning in them. She started asking his date of birth and the days passed by when he started to ask about her future. His present thoughts were fully on her and her presence gave him satisfaction to the core.

The Time wanted some role to play as it was just revolving around all the time between them. It was the time when she silently expressed that the time have come to part. Hearing the untold words of understanding his heart was broken into parts. The mind still wondered if it would be a serious joke. As she walked away slowly, he followed as she was the world and he could not see the real world existing.

She even stopped to explain  but no words were heard and he was totally blank expecting a hope with no hope. He was again in sleepless nights but now with no imaginations.


Game in Love

Life Game – You and Him Fight

The Beautiful Girl would say, “Let You and Him fight and or least decide” and silently enjoys the game. Neither of them would Win and the Game ends by  She marrying a Third Person!

Girl who bring sorrows

Anybody who have fell in love and then in hell would feel that the girl had bought sorrows into them. Girls are extremely wonderful and good and the opposite when the choice of choosing is wrong.

The Following would be the type of girls who would have bought sorrows into men. The below type of girls are just the feelings in the men’s mind and it is not necessarily to be true about the girl.

Girl who bring sorrows:

1. A Girl usually avoided by others.

2.A Girl who is Unpredictable.

3.A Girl who speaks openly in public.

4.A Girl who is extremely White.

5. A Girl who is extremely Black.

6.A Girl who is a Female Friend.

7.A Girl who is already engaged.

8.A Girl who is Self-Fish.

If there is any hard feelings on any of the above girls, then the girl is not the right choice and would have bought sorrows.

What If She!?

What if She !?

I think it would be Disturbing her.  Its like I am always Disturbing my-selves.

Time and Future

I said, “With Whom you spend most of Your time is your Future”

A newly married Guy said, that’s why I am always running to Office.

I thought he was great because I am always running out of Office.

No Men in the World

Young beautiful Girls eagers to find a Good Men.

Crazy Old wifes wonders, why I married him?

It means No men in the World is Good!