Ancient Indian Science of Prana

What is Prana?

We have heard about Yoga and Pranayama. Prana is a Sanskrit word and the translation in English is still not apt or possible in a single word or a bunch of statements. Prana is mostly translated in English as ‘Life Force’ and many also refer Oxygen as Prana.

I am not a Sanskrit scholar to give translation. However, by reading different texts, I tried to grasp what the ancients mean by Prana. Prana means Energy and my Explanation for the same is as below:

Light is a source of Energy as we say. But Light contains Photon which are particle in nature. Science also says that Photon contains quantum of Energy. By this, Photon carries Energy is the understanding.

In a similar sense, Oxygen is a matter(gas) but it in-turn will carry Energy(assume). The Matter is of Four State as identified(solid,liquid,gas,plasma) and these are all the manifestations of Energy and in-turn will carry Energy as well. A Photon is a manifestation of Energy and it in turn will carry Energy.

We intake air,Water and Food. We also have Vision, Sound, Taste and Smell has Inputs. The Energy from Air, Water and Food will be referred to as Prana.  In other sense, If we breathe Pure air, we intake more Prana and if the air is impure and polluted, the prana will be less. Same with  contaminated and polluted water and food. In that sense, Vegetarian Food will have more Prana than non-vegetarian food.

Air(Oxygen),Water and Food are important for our survival. Lets see How it works,

We drink Water(Prana) and it forms the blood and We eat food(Prana) which gets mixed in the blood and We breathe Oxygen(Prana) which burns the Food and supplies Energy as well as revitalizes the Body. There is a Channel for the Prana Flow in the Body. These Channels are called as Nadis.

What are Nadis?
Nadis are the nostrils, esophagus and Blood vessels. These are the channels in which the prana(Energy) flows.
There are two nostrils called as Ida and Pingala and the connecting point of the two nadis is called sushumna. If there are any blocks in the nostrils, the flow of Energy may get hindered and hence techniques like Pranayamana are of help.
Just like sushumna is a connecting Point for two nostrils, there are in total 72,000 connecting points in the blood vessels as well which are called as Chakras.

What are Chakras?
Chakras are the junction points for the Energy flow. If we connect two pipes for the flow of water and in case there is a block or hold in the junction, the flow or speed of water might get reduced. In a similar way, if there is any blockage in the blood vessel connecting points, the flow of prana could get affected. Pranayamana technique will be effective in the nostril and esophagus and it cannot be as effective in the blood vessels. Precaution is needed to maintain the blood(which carries prana) and this can be done by taking hygienic food which doesn’t contain any cholesterol and other junk. A fresh green vegetable has more prana than the dead meat. A fruit has more prana than the cooked food. A Fruit Juice has more prana than tea or coffee.

Seven Chakras and its Significance:
Of the 72,000 connecting points in the nadis(blood vessels) the Seven are the main Chakras. This number as such 72,000 may be associated with the heart beat(72 times) and the pulse rate(about 72 times). These are the termed as Main chakras as they are in line with the nervous system of the spinal cord. Hence whatever you think(mind), you will likely to spend the energy on that thought. For example, if you think about eating ice cream, you will use your energy thinking about icecream and focus on them to start an action with or without conscious. You may satisfy the thought by buying an ice cream and even if you don’t buy it now, you would have this thought pending which can affect your other routine works and in spending enough energy on them or concentrating.

The Seven Chakras will correspond to the endocrine glands in the human body and if there is any thought in the mind, the brain will command the endocrine glands to produce hormones. If the Mind is in fear, the brain would command the adrenal glands to secrete androgen and you would likely to spend your energy on fear and survival. This is True because when there is someone coming to kill you with a knife and we are hiding under a bed, we feel a sudden rise in Energy level in the body and there will be heavy breathe to supply more prana for the exhausting energy.



My Crush with Insurance Agent : Story

The Moment we hear the sound, “Insurance Agent”, we may think about some creepy looking,half baked,middle aged guy mostly a relative or a neighbor with a fake smile in the face. We always try to hide ourselves from them not for one reason but for unexplainable reasons.

Even I was little hesitating when I heard my sister say, That some Insurance Agent wants to meet me.

Sister : Are you free this weekend?
Me : Yes, why?
Sister : A Insurance Agent asked me if your Brother would be free this weekend.
Me : Look, I am not interested in seeing any Agents now.
Sister : Okay Then, I will then inform my friend.
Me : What Friend?
Sister : My College Friend, Her sister is an Insurance Agent.
Me : Oh, Didn’t She find any other better Jobs?
Sister : No, I think She has joined First Year MBA in IIT, Chennai.

For Few Minutes, I could not talk anything. My Mind was in its own Thoughts, “What is she telling me?. I have never heard anything which sounded so strange.” After a deep breathe, I looked for my sister. She was as usual talking in Cell Phone to her friend I suppose, and as walked closer, she lowered her voice and looked at me.

Me : I think its fine to meet your Friend’s sister this weekend.
Sister : Okay Fine, I will inform her.

As I walked away from my sister, She continued talking in her Phone.
Then after few Hours, I walked back to my sister and asked her to give my number if needed.

As Days passed by, A got a call from an Unknown number after about say Two weeks. But, I was in midst of work, so I could not attend during that time. Hence, I called back after about say One Hour.

Me: Hello, I got a call from this number.
Other End : Silence
Me : May I know who is this.
Other End : Sorry, Is this Suresh?
Me : Yes
Other End : Hi Suresh, I am (Her Name) and I am your sister’s friend.
Me : Oh, Ya..I remember You.
Other End : Sorry, I could have called you before.
Me : Fine, No Problem
Other End : If you are free tomorrow, can we meet?
Me : Ya Sure. where?
Other End : Where ever you wish. Or I can come to your Home.
Me : Yes, Home would be better.
Other End : Will meet you tomorrow. Bye
Me : Ya, Bye

I was sitting in a chair and I got up. I walked towards mirror, saw myself and returned back to chair.
I felt that her voice is cute and matured. I wanted to meet her. I looked up the ceiling and took a breathe.
That night, I was not able to sleep properly as her voice was repeating in my mind and to somehow see her.
I kept the alarm at 9:00AM and I was too late to notice that it was already past 10:00. I got up to make sure I am ready and not to be sleepy in case if she arrives. I was hesitating to call and ask about her status and I waited. After my Lunch, I got angry and went back to sleep. My Mother informed that She is leaving out and asked me to check the gate at times. I almost nodded in sleep but I forgot. It was about 5:00PM and I heard the door bell.

Suddenly, I remembered if She had come and quickly got up from the bed. Hurried to the basin to wash my face and applied powder to unmask the sleepy tone. I opened the door after changing to a Pant and Shirt.

She : Hello Suresh. Sorry to disturb you. I hope you are not sleeping.
Me : (Long Pause) Oh, No, No Problem. I was just inside my room. So could not hear the bell.

I asked her to come in and sit in a chair in the Hall. I went inside the kitchen with a sign to bring some water.

Inside the Kitchen, I did not know what to do. I walked here and there. My Instinct bounced with random thoughts, “Suresh, She is looking too good and gorgeous…She is also modern and well dressed..Think she is slightly taller than you…Nah..No,She might be wearing high heals” The Water overflowed and I closed the tap.

Me: So, You are from which Insurance.
She : I am from (Mute) Insurance
Me (Mind Voice) : Surprised, Not the one which I regularly hear.
She : Thanks for the Water.
Me : Okay, How much should I pay and what will be the returns?
She (Smiled) : No, Its a Term Insurance.
Me : (Pause) okay, How much I need to invest.

She started to explain me slowly and I continued to listen. Within Ten minutes, with the level of knowledge she has and her entrepreneurship spirit, I fell in Love with her.

I called my Friend to test their Insurance Knowledge. When they talked like me, I laughed and explained them what she informed.

Me : Have you got any Insurance
Friend : Yes.
Me : How much is the Sum Assured
Friend : No, We have to pay around (some money) and in the end they will return (some money).
Me(Laughs) : What you are talking is not Sum Assured. You are insuring or Investing?
Friend: I cannot understand what you are talking.
Me : In Simple words,Term Insurance is the actual insurance. Others are just Investment Products in the name of insurance.
Friend : So what.
Me : What you have taken is not Insurance actually.

I once again thought about what she informed during the conversation.

Me : So, in Term Insurance, I wont get any returns?
She : Yes, Term Insurance is the actual Insurance. Its like a Vanilla Ice-Cream.
Me : Then, the money will come only in case of Claim and the beneficiary will get the amount.
She : That’s right. If I sign a Term Insurance and in case if I die, my nominee will get huge amount(Sum assured) based on the contract where the same would be a mere amount if I happened to get any other Insurance(Investment Insurance).
Me: So, Only Term Insurance meets the actual need of Insurance which is to protect the Family as if the insured person is alive.
She : Yes, That’s Correct.
Me : So, Why not other Agents sell Term Insurance.
She : Its because, the commissions are too low in Term Insurance.
Me : Fine. Why did you join as Insurance Agent.
She : I joined my MBA now and I wanted to be an Entrepreneur and I felt that I am weak in Sales. I also thought that being an Insurance Agent could help to overcome my shyness and to build my sales and social skills.

She did not ask or force me to buy a policy. She just explained and left. I was moved by her positive thinking and she motivated me. I wanted to meet her once again not to get an policy from her but to make her as my nominee.

“Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation”


Love Failure Video Song


A Friend advices to a Guy who has just lost his Love.
Language of the Song is in Tamil!


Mind is not our Choice?

 Mind is not in our hands or Our Mind is not our Choice.  How is that Mind is not our choice?

Scenario One: JoAnn and her Birthday Gift.

Day One:

JoAnn wanted to buy a gift for her friend’s birthday. She had 100 bucks and she found a wonderful watch and when she was about to purchase it, someone gently requests her that they wanted the watch and JoAnn felt sorry for them and let them buy it.

Day Two:

JoAnn went to a different shopping center and she was surprised to  find the same watch again but now she came to know that someone has already ordered it and now she approaches the concerned person to ask gently that she was in need of the watch but she were not successful in getting it.

Mind Analysis:I helped a person on Day One and in Day Two when the same thing happened to me, no one helped me.         Attitude:She now develop a Attitude that not to help others.

Day Three:

A Friend of JoAnn asked her to lend 100 bucks for a medical emergency. She just replied,” I don’t have any money now”. JoAnn went to a shop to buy some watch which was available for 100 bucks as it was getting delayed. She also felt sad about the lie she said to her friend

Day Four:

When the watch had been gifted to her friend , her friend replied that, I have so many watches and it could have been better if I had got something else. JoAnn felt sorry that she had taken three days to present a gift and that she was not appreciated. She also had a thought that,”I could have helped a friend who had an emergency.”

Mind Analysis: I did not help the Person in Day Three and gave a present to a person on Day Four and I was not appreciated. Attitude:Its better to help a person who is in need rather than who doesn’t ask for help.                                                    

All the Attitudes a person have turns into his character.How is that Attitude turns into a Character?

Scenario Two:  Dong  Lee Mind and his Attitude

Dong Lee Attitude: Smoking is injurious to health and I came to know that many smokers died of cancer.

Dong Lee goes to a party where everyone in the party smokes, some compels him to smoke but he was so strong that he did not accept their request. Everyone in  the party came to an conclusion about Dong that Dong never smokes(Dong Character).

When someone someday finds Dong Lee smoking, they would question him, I thought you would never smoke?

Dong would reply that I started this habit recently since I thought smoking one or two cigars per week is not so injurious( Changed Attitude).

A Attitude of a person varies from Time to Time and the character of a person is what seen by others.


  • I never thought you would do like this.
  • I did not expect this from you.
  • I believed you but you cheated me.

We assume a Character on a person and would  view the person as the character and if the attitude change, the character change.

If Attitude of a Person can Change, why is that I am not able to change my habit?

We just need to understand that “Our Mind is not our Choice” or in other words, “Our Mind is not in Our Hands.

Why is that Mind is not our Choice and How to make it as Our Choice?

The Brain is an Organ which receives constant inputs from sense organs in the body and stores the information and the Output of the information can be called as a thought.

A series of thoughts can be called as Mind.

Example: I forgot where I kept my pen?

Upon Analyzing the information stored in the brain like where you went, whom you met and if you had given to someone, these thoughts can be put together as Mind.

The Information you receive will change day by day and the hence chances are that your mind changes and so does your attitude and character changes.

Now, The Real problem is if we want to really change something it seems to be very difficult.


  • I want to reduce my weight. Even though I have read a lot of information about being slim; I am unable to become slim.
  • I want to quit my bad habits such as smoking, but I am unable to do so; may be I think I got addicted.

So How to change an Habit or to become a better person?

We need to know about the Three Kinds of Mind to understand how we can change or how we can use our mind to become a better person.

  1. Conscious Mind – Thoughts
  2.  Sub-Conscious Mind – Habits (Character- Attitude)
  3. Unconscious Mind – Sleep

In Simple Words, Sub-Conscious Mind is the one which controls Habits. It will make you to remember even if you forget it.


Brushing the Teeth is an Habitual Action we do daily which is controlled by Sub-Conscious.

But in Day One, You would not have remembered that we need to brush our teeth and our mother would have reminded us to do so.

Thus it takes nearly a month for a subconscious mind to remind us an activity to do daily.

In Short we Just need to follow the action for 5 days. The Next Two days(Saturday and Sunday) again mother has to wake us up and then ask to brush our teeth.

To Change an Habit and to change ourselves, We just need to do the activity for 5 days.

How to escape Sorrow

If you are born in this world, you need to cry!!

I developed a statement or I wrote a dialogue,
“I need to cry, I need to shed tears and I want to fail in Life”

The above statement may seem to be mad, but the truth is it can turn out to be the best statement for the person who follows it.

For Instance, If you are in tough times in your life, you would see it as an experience and try to move on with your life instead of asking the really mad Questions such as, ” Why is that it all happens to me?”.

Another Instance, If we laugh one day with full of happiness, people would say, “Don’t laugh too much you would cry then”.

The Clarity is Happiness and Sadness are cycles of Life and it’s not true that if we laugh we may have to cry!!

The sorrow for anyone would be a loss of a loved one or a broke up.

This can be imagined even as ” A Child crying when her teady bear is lost”

Our Crying is almost similar to that of the Child whether we believe it or not, its the truth!!

Some of the statements to cry include, “My Life has no meaning without my love” or “My Life is incomplete without my Love”

Consider the scenario:

When a camera which was bought with severe desire is lost, we cry
But, When we our-self can give the camera to a friend who wants it, it takes a great heart to do that and we would feel a satisfaction even though we are losing it!!

Crying for oneself means Selfish!! You may need the camera since you extracted happiness out of it.

Crying for someone means spreading misery. If we know that we cannot do anything to the person who has a sorrow. We may just need to pray and move on. If we cry and turn our-self by being sad all the time, we are spreading misery.

A person in sorrow may need to find a way to recover themselves, worrying for that person is of no use and its like stopping them to do their actions with our consolations!

I am deeply in sorrow and How to escape sorrow?

The Simple way to forget sorrow is to keep oneself busy!! But in reality, we tend to do the opposite by simply sitting and thinking the same event which had happened.

For Instance, When a person has lost love, they slowly becomes separated from their friends and the rest of the world.

Instead, it would be happy if they can spread happiness in the world by talking with other people and by keeping themselves busy by doing things which they like the most!!

Why is Life

Some of the Questions in Life

How to go to New-york
How to become a doctor
How to become rich
How to choose a profession
How to change a career

The answer to the Question- How to go to New-york

We can go by Flight, Train, Ship, Road. Also, there are different classes of ticket,different time travel and many other factors which we need to research to find out the best or optimum way to go.

Is it really possible for anyone to know all the details clearly such as what is the ticket rate for Airlines-A and how much time and in what path it would travel and also to know what is the ticket rate for Class-B in train and how much time and in what path it would travel.

A great research is being carried out to find out all the factors and a Tour is planned such as type of travel and ticket class is planned,Food and Accommodation are planned and at last the tour would be canceled.

This has happened to me many times. Some of my friends would call me for a tour. They make all the plans and at last the tour would be canceled.

The reason being, it is not the How that really matters. Life is all about Why!

For Instance, I wanted to travel to Thanjore which was in TamilNadu. I would not really care about How. I would care about why.

I was really interested to visit the Thanjore Big Temple which was built by the King Raja Raja Cholan. It was exciting me and in whatever means I would travel, I would be happy.

The Word  “Why” gives clarity in thought.

Now, let me change all the Questions

Why to go to New-york
Why to become a doctor
Why to become rich
Why to choose a profession
Why to change a career

The word Why is internal and can give more clarity. The more clear and confident we are, Life would blossom!

How to go to New-york
How to become a doctor
How to become rich
How to choose a profession
How to change a career

Purpose of Life

What is the Purpose of Life?

The Ultimate Purpose of Life is not to have any Purpose.


There are 3 Motives which we Live:

1. We Live for the Body

2. We Live for the Mind

3. We Live for the Soul


In Olden Days, most of the People used only the body. They used to break stones, pull richsaws.

In Short both men and women they did manual work.

The Use of Mind and Soul were denied or were used less.


Now in Today, most of the people use the Mind such as logic for computer programming,designing a drug or thinking how to manage other people. The Problem of Health is more  even though the medical facilities are high.

The Body and the Soul were denied or were used less.


There are so called saints who had gone away from family or to some mountains to live for the Soul.

Some of them are claimed to be gods and some claim themselves to be gods or say they have superior power.

They have denied the Body and the Mind.


The One who is trying to seek a purpose would deny the other.